Fakhimi & Associates in association with other counsel settles trucking overtime class action.

Attorneys of Fakhimi & Associates along with other co-counsel and associated counsel were able to reach a settlement agreement on a class action on behalf of truckers working for a central California company hauling petroleum products. The settlement provides for payment of a lump sum to be distributed between all employees who worked as truckers for the company from March of 2004 to March of 2008 and were not paid overtime wages for any work over 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. The settlement still has to receive the court’s Preliminary and Final approval before it becomes official. This settlement is especially encouraging as the defendants had raised certain defenses with regards to exemptions under Motor Carrier Safety Exemption (MCSE) and exemptions under Department of Transportation under HAZMAT. Any trucker who is working more than 8 hour a day or 40 hours a week without receiving overtime wages and whose job does not (or very rarely) takes him across state lines is encouraged to contact Employment Law Team at 877-529-4545. Those hauling rocks, cement or other items from quarries are encouraged to contact us.

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