Welcome to Employment Law Team-2008 ADA Act

Welcome to Employment Law Team’s blog. Our hope is that in these pages we can expose the general public and our clients to the latest developments in the labor and employment filed. Our office regularly represents individuals and sometimes companies in cases involving age discrimination, sexual harassment, disability, racial discrimination, denial of FMLA leave, non-payment of wages and failure to comply with other state and federal laws. Our website, www.employmentlawteam.com addresses issues of concern to employees and employers and we routinely update sections dealing with cases that we handle and note worthy news stories. We have offices in Orange county, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and service Riverside and San Diego as well. We hope that our blog will be a forum for those interested in making sure justice in the workplace is served and that we can address topics of concern to you. This week we would like to highlight the passage of ADA Amendment Act of 2008. The Bill passed the House 402 to 17 and if enacted into law it would help restore protection to those with physical or mental disability that materially impairs a major life activity. The bill will now go to the senate for consideration. According to the bill, when deciding as to whether a person is disabled courts should not consider the effects of “mitigating measures” like prescription drugs. The bill also adds that “an impairment that is episodic or in remission is a disability if it would substantially limit a major life activity when active.” The passage of this bill is considered a big win for the employees all over the United States.

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