Riverside Employment Lawyers Watch Overtime Case

More than ever, Riverside employment litigation cases are being filed against companies that try to skirt their overtime responsibilities, as spelled out by federal law. clock.jpg

Now, our Riverside employment law attorneys are keeping a watchful eye on a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that deals with this very issue.

The case before the court is Fair Labor Standards Act?

To some degree, yes. These are tough economic times, and companies are trying to cut corners in any way they can. That includes trying to find as many ways as possible to get around the law, which requires that employees be paid for the hours they work. Since the measure was passed in 1938, executives and companies have tried to argue that this act was detrimental to industry. Of course, it’s not. They even go so far as to say that labor laws passed in 1938 have no bearing on the modern workplace of today. However, it really just comes down to the simple matter of fairly paying workers for the hours they put in.

At the heart of these increasing number of cases, though, is a greater awareness among workers. They are taking more time to learn what their rights are and what actions can be taken against those employers who try to take advantage of them.

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