Sexual harassment lawsuit in Los Angeles leads to sexual discrimination allegations

Two police officers claim they were wrongly transferred after being falsely accused of sexual harassment in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Independent reports the LAPD sergeant and officer worked for the bomb squad at the Los Angeles International Airport. They are claiming gender discrimination and retaliation.

A Los Angeles employment attorney can assist an employee in protecting their rights in the workplace on either side of a sexual harassment claim. This case illustrates sexual harassment v. sexual discrimination in Los Angeles employment situations. The male officers are claiming they have been subjected to sexual discrimination after being transferred out of the unit following a sexual harassment claim.

The officers claim the incident has ended their careers and each are seeking in excess of $2 million. The accuser received $2.25 million in a settlement with the city over the alleged conduct of the officers.

The female bomb squad officer contended that the sexual harassment included the posting of photographs of half-naked officers, sexually explicit cartoons, men using the women’s shower, taking items from her locker and blowing cigar smoke in her face. She claims the harassment happened between 2000 and 2005.

She retired last year after receiving the settlement from the city. The male officers claim the allegations are false and that they were inappropriately transferred and received a reduction in pay.

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