Should I take my employee discrimination case to trial?

As employee’s rights attorneys we are often asked, “should all employment discrimination Plaintiffs take their case to trial?” My answer is always the same, only if you think your chances are very good. Reading a recent article in the latest edition of California Lawyer, I believe in my own advice more now than ever. According to the magazine, a study by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, of all the employment discrimination cases that go trial and average 2% result in a verdict more favorable to the Plaintiffs. This means that 98% of cases that go to trial end up with the employee not winning. (This study was mainly based on federal cases between 1988-2003.)

The same study also found that the median award to plaintiffs was $110,000 and the median settlement $30,000. Our Orange county sex discrimination attorney knows that the decision to go to trial or to settle is one of most important decisions a Plaintiff will make. Our attorney’s experience as a former general counsel to a public company means that he also knows what issues are considered by companies before they decide to make an offer to a former employee. Before deciding on whether to go to trial, our Orange County race discrimination attorney will research recent verdicts in the district where the case will be tried. This bit of information should always be considered when one is deciding on whether to take a case to trial or not.

If you or a loved one is the subject of racial discrimination at work, or you feel that you or a loved one is experiencing sex discrimination or sexual harassment, contact our Santa Ana discrimination attorneys for a free consultation. You can also contact our sister firm Criminal Defense Team for any questions for Orange county DUI attorney or related to criminal cases in San Bernardino.

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