California State Automobile Association accused of Age Discrimination

The California State Automobile Association lost a pay and age discrimination dispute on appeal after the court found the organization’s reasons for terminating older workers “doubtworthy.”

An Orange County discrimination lawyer should always handle cases of wage, age or sex discrimination in the workplace. Such cases have become more common as the workforce ages and companies seek to trim high-wage earners from their payroll.
Victims of age discrimination can be devastated both emotionally and financially and may never recover the earning power that comes with losing a job late in one’s career. An Orange County employment attorney can review the facts and circumstances in such cases and may be able to successfully fight to reclaim a client’s job or obtain a financial settlement.

The human resources trade publication HR.BLR reported that the three employees joined the CSAA office prior to 1976, where they worked as sales agents. They had agreements that sales quotas would be reduced by 15 percent for those over 55 with at least 15 years of service. And by an additional 25 percent at the age of 60.

In 2005, one of the defendants was fired for failing to meet his sales quota. He was 57-years-old. The two others, ages 57 and 55, were fired for refusing to sign revised compensation plans without reduced quotas. All three sued in 2005 but the case was dismissed by the trial court.

An Orange County employment lawyer may file such cases under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination of a protected class. In this case, the representatives claimed the CSAA wanted rid of them so it could claim renewal premiums that would otherwise go to its veteran employees. CSAA claimed the changes were for competitiveness and internal fairness.

The appeals court found sufficient evidence of discrimination to return the issue to the lower court. In particular the court cites testimony that the company was looking to rid itself of older employees and was “looking for new blood going forward.”

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